2018 Is Under Way!

I had a bad case of the “I dont wanna”. I tried to talk myself out of hiking today.

I could relax and enjoy the good weather-You’ll regret it!

I can go another day- Not really, we have lots going on this week!

The traffic is building – Choose another hike!

…and you’re gonna lose your fitbit challenge! Well, that got me moving. I checked the weather and my wish list of hikes in my Washington Trails Association virtual backpack, chose Poo Poo Point for it’s steeper incline but short mileage, layed out my clothes and loaded up my day pack. I was on the trail across town by 10:30 AM! Not bad for this ol grandma! I forgot it was a holiday and the parking lot was full, But I don’t let things like that stop me once I’ve made the road trip. Once I got parked I headed up that steep trail (1700+ feet in less than 2 miles). There were lots of people coming down and going up. I worked hard taking only short breaks along the way and made it to the top in 1.5 hours! Once I had a snack and snapped a few pics, I headed back down. 1 hour to the bottom, stopping lots for MORE hikers heading up for the great views. It was nice being surrounded by happy people and families enjoying today’s great weather (68 degrees and sunny in Seattle, in January no less!). In the end I have another accomplishment under my belt and on my way to bigger and taller mountains, coming soon!

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