Meet Enzo, My New Hiking Companion

So I’ve had a slight change in plans this winter. I’ve been wanting a dog that would be able to hike with me, so I was looking at Huskies. I did a lot of research and decided it would be worth the hard work it would take to raise one of these pups. Then we found Enzo. He’s a great addition to the family, and as expected, a lot of work. Since he’s a pup, I can’t take him on a lot of hikes that I’m accustomed to going on ( have to protect those growing bones) so we go on a lot of neighborhood walks, and more recently now that he has his shots, we’re taking hikes on some of the local trails that have little to no elevation gain. He likes that plenty, and tires easily, so right now, that’s perfect.  Together we’ve explored Paradise Valley Conservation Area and Lord Hill Regional Park. This Spring we’re looking forward to Ebey’s Landing, Skagit Wildlife Area, and Meadowdale Beach, maybe the Lime Kiln Trail and MORE! If you see us on the trail, stop and say “Hi”

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