Nonna still hikes, but Jeep Fever has taken over!

I’ve taken the Jeep truly Wheeling 3-4 times now and LOVE, LOVE it! Its a new kind of fun that involves working together, camaraderie among other Wheelers, technical driving, and building friendships. I’ve been a part of other car clubs that I have also had a lot of fun with, but this is just a whole notha level! I’ve got a few hikes on my list this year, some I’ve never been to, some of my favorites that I’d like to revisit, but there’s no doubt that I’ll have fun getting there in my Jeep called SnowHawk.

As for the Jeep, we’ve done some things to make it a great off road vehicle¬† such as new DV-8 Off Road bumpers, Mopar lift, Quadratec Winch, and a few little extras. We still have our eye out for some great DV-8 Off Road Beadlock Wheels partnered with some 35 inch tires. I’m considering Cooper SST Pro’s or BF Goodrich Ridge Grappler tires.

Since I also do events and parades with this Jeep, we added some pretty cool graphics and most amazing LED halos and rock lights from Oracle Lighting! I love the variety of things I can do with that lighting at the mere touch of a button.

If you love my lights and want some for your vehicle, go to and use Discount code SNOWHAWK for a sweet little discount.

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